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Geneva's Top 10

Imagine ten experiences that will make Geneva stay in your heart forever. You will soon see why Geneva is one of the best known cities in the world. But that's just for starters - there are so many other things to explore…


Geneva’s Jet d’Eau

The Jet d’Eau, Geneva’s landmark

The lakeshore’s star attraction is the water jet, dazzling visitors as it shoots 140 metres into the sky. It is best seen from the Bains des Pâquis, this incredible ‘beach’ in the city centre where Geneva’s smart set meets for a swim, a sauna or to eat a fondue! Another exceptional vantage point: a boat cruise on the lake, offering a unique view of the MontBlanc!

Geneva's old town

The Old Town and its treasures

Switzerland’s biggest historical city is overlooked by St. Peter’s Cathedral, the centre of the Reformation movement. 157 steps lead to the top of its tower for a stunning view of the town. Stroll along the backstreets and discover the city’s many historical treasures.

Geneva reformation wall

The Reformation Wall, tribute to Europe's reformers

A stone’s throw away from the elegant Place de Neuve in an exceptionally beautiful park,  Europe's most important protestant reformers are honoured with four giant statues, reminding us of Geneva’s important role in the history of religions. 

magnificent parks of Geneva

The magnificent parks of Geneva

More than 50 parks and gardens act as the city’s oxygen tank. The parks located along the lakeshore and the Parc des Bastions are true havens of peace. In Geneva, you find a park or a garden to relax around almost every corner!

Geneva capital of peace

The Palais des Nations, symbol of Geneva, capital of peace

The European headquarters of the United Nations have become the centre of world diplomacy.  Under the dome of the "Human Rights and Alliance for Civilisations' Room", many secrets are shared. And on the Place des Nations, standing in front of the monumental ‘Broken Chair’, you are reminded of Geneva’s contribution to peace and freedom.

Geneva's Bains district

A certain art de vivre in the Bains district

This European platform for contemporary art is home to Switzerland’s largest modern and contemporary art museum (MAMCO) and to a cluster of private art galleries.  It is an avant-garde place with trendy bistros to meet, eat and drink.

Carouge city

Carouge and its bohemian atmosphere

Geneva’s very different sister town, its ‘Greenwich Village’. Meet its craftsmen, artists, and its personalities who contribute much to Carouge’s charm. Its shaded squares remind you of Italy. A great many cafés and restaurants create a unique bohemian ambience around the clock.

Geneva's Fine Watchmaking

The birthplace of fine watchmaking: from the Flower Clock to the watchmakers’ shops

It’s just a few steps from the flowers of Geneva's most famous clock to the dazzling shop windows of the Rue du Rhône, where you can find an amazing concentration of world famous watches and luxury brands. From fashion to jewellery, the great brands that give Geneva its reputation all have their own boutiques. A shopping paradise at your feet!

Geneva's Hotels

An unmistakable Geneva experience: the prestige of Geneva's hotels

Enjoy the lakeside and reach for the stars by choosing one of the most beautiful hotels to partake in a cocktail, a tea or a glass of champagne. Discover the universe of hotel excellence - indulge yourself!


A getaway to Mont-Salève

Mont-Salève is a breathtaking experience no one should miss. Take the bus to the French border and ride up with the cable car to enjoy an extraordinary 360° view of the region. This is the perfect starting point for hiking and other sports activities, or a paragliding experience!