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Unique in Geneva

Imagine all the world’s beauty reunited in one single city. Geneva is a world of its own! Situated in magnificent natural surroundings, offering unprecedented quality of life and a warm welcome, the city not only attracts stars but also a huge number of visitors.

Symbol of fine watchmaking

Imagine a city where the art of watchmaking is present everywhere.

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Outstanding landscape

Geneva Outstanding Landscapes

Imagine a city jewel nestled between lake and mountain.

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Top quality of life

Geneva Top Quality of Life

Imagine a city where quality of life is paramount.

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Shopping at its best

Geneva Shopping at its Best

Imagine a city where prestigious watches set the time. 

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Peace capital

Geneva Peace Capital

Imagine a city where the whole world comes together in peace.

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Cradle of Excellence

Geneva Craddle of Excellence

Imagine striving for perfection runs in the family.

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A wide cultural horizon

Geneva A Wide Cultural Horizon

Imagine a city proud of the great diversity of its cultural events.

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Crossroads of religions

Geneva Crossroads of Religions

Imagine a place where all religions live in harmony.

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Dining experience

Geneva Dining Experience

Imagine a culinary capital inviting you to a festival of international flavours.

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